Research Internship with Exeter University’s Smartline Project

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We teamed up with Smartline and The University of Exeter to create interactive stories and logic models for our stakeholders and participants. Presented in a fun and user-friendly way, with plenty of graphics, photos and videos, this project has helped us to communicate what we do and why we do it.

Smartline works with individuals, companies and communities to explore how technology can improve wellbeing. Throughout this project, we moved forwards with our interpretation of some interesting research by Mackerron et al called ‘Mappiness’ -momentary happiness.

Interactive Story

The interactive story model is aimed at participants to give them an idea of what to expect on one of our Wild Camp Adventures.

The fun presentation details our aims and goals, and then provides information on what the programme entails. Designed to put our participant’s minds at ease, we elaborate on what activities we’ll be partaking in and what we expect to have achieved.

Interactive Theory of Change

The Theory of Change model is aimed at our stakeholders. Similar to the interactive story, the presentation elaborates on our Wild Camp Adventure programme for young people.

This version is based around our logic model, detailing our resources, activities, outputs, outcomes, and assumptions.

A basic PDF version of our logic model can also be downloaded:

Special thanks to CRJ Design for creating the interactive presentations and Logic Model PDF for us.

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