Online Eco-Nurture Group Launch on 25th May 2020

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We are working with the YEW Project at the Women’s Centre in Cornwall to deliver an online Eco-Nurture group that is trying to reconnect young women with nature and each other through daily check-in’s and guided activities.  The aim is to improve mental well-being by mindfully connecting with mind, body and spirit in the outdoors.

The week long programme will involve daily ‘live’ video calls and 3 short tasks for the young women to complete whilst on their daily exercise walks and/or from the comfort of their own gardens.

We are working with The Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) to help made our online platforms as secure and safe as possible.

We are hoping to run at least one a month for small groups of young women experiencing anxiety, depression and/or social isolation. We launch our pilot during half-term week;

25-29th May 2020

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more information, make a referral or would like to contribute to this programme.

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