Research Opportunities with the Smartline Project

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We’re very excited to share the news that we have been accepted onto a Research Internship with Exeter University’s Smartline Project

Kathy King will be receiving support to undertake a 3 month project that is looking to help WW&W to increase our reach by successfully sourcing funding streams by helping her to develop a logic model to help WW&W to communicate more effectively with funders and contractors so we can become a go-to provider for some of the network of social support providers in Cornwall such as Real Ideas Organisation, Cornwall Marine Network and Cornwall Council.  We are also producing a logic model especially for prospective participants to try and remove barriers to attendance before our projects start.

We are also researching social impact measuring tools as Kathy has yet to find an inobtrusive and timely way that is both meaningful to the participants and to stakeholders.  We are hoping to find an innovative way of collecting data in the field/on the water will help our participants to fully reflect on how being active in the outdoors is positively affecting their mental health, and potentially could lead to changes in their behaviour in the future.

Depending on how our research goes, there is a desire to develop a bespoke product that WW&W could use on all of our programmes.  We would also like to share this product with other providers offering similar projects so that we can provide quality, joined-up evidence to prove the positive social our interventions are having and how they deserve funding.

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